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Firelong Basketball Coaching Board - Баскетбольная Тренерская Доска

Артикул: FBCB
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Описание товара:

Размер в разложенном виде 53,85см на 32см.

В комплекте:

1 x Тактическая доска в кожаном чехле
12x Магнитов
1 x Маркерная ручка

Features :
The tactic board is mainly used for football tactical arrangement, training guidance and technical exchange.
Made of high quality, durable materials with crisp, fade-resistant lines, looks very stylish.
Strategy Board Kit,Can simulate the strategy and tactics of a football game on a tactical board. The magnets can represent the players and show the moving position.
Magnetic Tactic Board Soccer coaching, suitable for football coach.

Package Included :
1 x Tactical Board
12x Magnet
1 x Marker Pen

  • Good Material : Made of PU leather cover with high quality, looks very stylish.
  • Easy To Carry : Light weight and easy to carry with PU ring.It's perfect for coaches, players and teams of all levels.
  • Magnetic Coaching Board : Smooth board surface for easy writing and easy you can easily mark the formation for your team and the opposition.
  • Widely Used : This tactics folder is suitable for devising match-day strategies and substitutions,ideal to plan training sessions and help your team come up with innovative set-piece routines.
  • Crucial Training Discussion : The strategy board could play a important role in the crucial time due to that will help players visualize and understand their position and routes on the field better.
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